Cancellation Policy

Update September 30, 2020

Belize Family Adventure Team Work

The Belize Family Adventure team has followed the latest advice and recommendations from World Health Organization (WHO) and Pan America Health Organization (PAHO). Belize Family adventure has continued to operate under the authorities of the Belize Regulations.

In order to prepare for the pandemic crisis, Belize Family Adventure has incorporated a covid-19 response team, who will help to maintain our tours as safe as possible. Our depth cleaning and desinfection protocol has been based on 10 steps to maintain our guests and employees safe. Each of our employees has been equiped with resources and has been educated as to how to handle persons who may have sympoms of Covid-19 and persons who have tested positive for Covid-19.

Read our 10 safety steps


Belize Family Adventure requires guest to make a 50% deposit or Full payment to confirm any reservation.

Payments can be done via Credit Card or E-package.

Full payment is required before the tour date.

Tour Cancellation

A written cancellation is required and a full refund will be given 30 days prior to the date of the tour.

A 20% fee from the full payment will be charged for any written cancellation being done 10 days prior to the tour.

A 50% fee from the full payment will be charged for any written cancellation being done 3 days prior to the tour.

A 100% fee from the full payment will be charged for any written cancellation received within 24 hours prior to the programmed tour.

In the case of any guests with symptoms of covid-19 who wishes to cancel, there will be a 100% refund.

In the case of a no show up to the tour, a fee of 100%  from the full payment will be charged or no refund.

Tour cancellation due to weather

Up to now, Belize Family Adventures has not yet cancelled any tours, but in the event that the weather does not allow for the tour to be conducted, as for our guests’ safety , which is our priority., an alternative tour will be offered, or guests can reschedule the tour to another date. If a guest cannot attend alternative or reschedule date, a refund will be given.

Thank you for your support and continued patience as we continue to work towards safely providing our adventure services for you to enjoy our beautiful Belize.

Safety steps:

  1. Physical distance- maintain physical distance during the tour.
  2. Temperature guest check- Temperature test upon pick up at your Hotel or Resort, using an infrared thermometer.
  3. Increase cleaning and disinfecting- Thoroughly sanitized vehicles and frequently disinfect high touch points on the vehicle.
  4. Safe PPE- Masks required at all times, with only exceptions: On a high intensity tour where the guide and guests are six feet apart from each other.
  5. Online payment or credit card (we advise free cash payment).
  6. Employee training- Employees have been equiped with resources and have been educated on the prevention of covid-19.
  7. Food safety- individual package and physical distance on dinning during the tour.
  8. Disposing of garbage- Trash bins will have plastic bags inside and will be tied off securely when full.
  9. Temperature Employee check- Administrator will test temperature of staff members upon entrance at workplace.
  10. Sanitization station- Hand Sanitizer will be available for guests and staff.