Mountain Pine Ridge Biking

Mountain-Pine-Ridge-BikingThis impressive ride takes place in one of the most geological diverse areas of Belize, the Mountain pine Ridge.  This area is a sub-region of the Maya Mountain and has the oldest rock in Central America, approximate 345million years old.  Riding down along breath taking views, crossing granite rivers bed and waterfalls will bring us to the refreshing Rio On Pools.  The ride is one of the most challenging rides it is a continually going up and down the mountain.  One of the things that we can’t ignore on this ride is the sun because it is pine ridge there is not much shade so it adds to the challenge. Going through this challenge leads us to the Rio On Pools for lunch.  Followed by a drive to Big Rock Falls where we will end the day swimming.


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Time: 7:30AM to 4:30PM (9 hours)


Private Tour includes: Entrance fee, bikes, helmet, snack, beer, lunch, water, sodas, tour guide and transportation