Aguacate Lagoon

Birding-Belize-aguacateTake a drive over a hand crank ferry across the Belize River and experience a modern Mennonite settlement of Spanish lookout established around 1958. Learn about the culture and how they play an import role in the country, as we make our way to one of the best birding spot aguacate lagoon.

On the way to the lagoon we drive by the community of Spanish Lookout, which the first families moved around 1958 from the north part of Mexico.  They settled as farms, in the 1960’s, agriculture made great strides at Spanish Lookout.  The Mennonite is almost 4 percent of our population.  There community makes up a vital part of the modern Belizean economy. Their farmers produce grains, vegetables, ground nuts, cattle, poultry and dairy products. They also craft traditional furniture and have contributed their skills as builders to the constructionBirding-Belize of the country’s roads. Aguacate lagoon is located 20 min of the community, and is in a private reserve.  The reserve is approximately 284 acres, but aguacate is not the only lagoon in the area there is a smaller one and a unexcavated Mayan site.  The smaller lagoon is known for having crocodiles, and there is a set trail around it, that is very good for bird watching.  At some point of the trail you can connect another trail that lead to and excavated Mayan. The Lagoon is a herbaceous swamp with permanent water-logged vegetation. There is a diversity of secondary growth edges around approximately 5 acres of fresh water. It is an attractive habitat for a wide variety of both resident and migrant birds. There is a trail around the lagoon where you may encounter some wild life and spot some medicinal plants.

Time: 6:30AM to 1:00PM (6 1/2 hours)


Tour includes: Entrance fee, snack, tour guide, scope, beer, sodas & transportation