Blue Hole National Park

Belize-Birding-Blue-HoleBlue Hole national park is feature hiking trail for bird watching and swimming spot.  The National park is around 575 acres and within the boundaries there are two cave system St Herman’s and the Crystal Cave or Mountain Caw. The reserve is Manage by Belize Audubon Society.

If you are a nature lover and like hiking this will be a paradise for you, the park has a set of trail that allows you to enjoy the bird, plants and the geological features within the reserve. The site was declared it as Blue Hole National Park on November 23, 1986.  The hike on the trail will allow you to enjoy some of the natural wonders, like the Karst topography that have created numerous underground streams, sinkholes and extensive cave systems.  Parts of the trails leads to rugged landscape with heights of 200 meters supportingBlue-Hole-National-Park numerous of plant life and wildlife.  The park is home four over 200 species of birds, and a numerous of open spaces attracting a wide variety of bird life.  At the end of you hiking day finish it with a refreshing swim.  This swim takes place at what we call the inland Blue Hole, which was formed by the collapse of an underground limestone cave.  It formed a depression that measures above 100 feet deep and 300 feet diameter, but the actual blue hole is at the depression base with a depth of about 25 feet.

Time: 6:30AM to 2:00PM (7 1/2 hours)




Tour includes: Entrance fee, snack, tour guide, scope, beer, lunch, sodas & transportation