Mopan River Tubing

Mopan-TubingThe Mopan River was a very important sour for the ancient city of Xunantunich from around 600 AD To 1000 AD, sustain a population approximately 7,000 to 10,000 people.  During the early eighteen hundreds the village of San Jose Succotz was established due to the easy access to the river settling along the river bank a group of contemporary Mayans.  A group of Mopan Mayas which could have come from the north part of Guatemala the Petén, which were farmers.  Now the village of San Jose Succotz is a mixture of ethnic group or what we call a melting pot.  This adventure starts at the village, by clipping your helmet, put on a flouting device, and jumping on a tube enjoying and leaning the day to day activates of the villagers alone the river.  This trip will allow you to relax on the easy flowing water, but just as you are getting to comfortable the adrenalin kicks in when you go down the class one rapids.  Some of the rapid staying in your tube is an adventure of your inner tubes.  After flouting pass the village leads into the jungle were you will be able experience a taste of the flora and fauna that Belize offers.


Time: 9:00AM/1:00PM to 1:00PM/5:00PM (4 hours)


Price are in US Dollars per person

2Pax: $80
3Pax: $70
4Pax: $60
5Pax: $50


Share Tour includes: water, snack, beer, sodas, tour guide, equipment and transportation

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