Cave Tubing

Adventure_Cave_Tubing_BelizeLooking forward for a relaxing and fun day! tube down stream, enjoy a cool swim in refreshing therapeutic cave waters in a natural pool formed between cave entrances, float through some rapids, view sparkling cave formations and learn of cave geology and Maya history in one tour.

Hike through the lush subtropical forest to the entrances of remarkable limestone caves within the mountains, jump into crystal blue waters, into a refreshing pool formed in between two cave entrances.  Then you just sit back and relax, enjoying the natural beauty of the Mayan under world that the ancient Mayas regarded as a sacred underworld and was home to many powerful gods. Our Journey takes you through a series of caves, each filled with fascinating discoveries. Cave Tubing is one of the most unique relaxing and exciting adventures offered in Belize. It’s an exciting adventure you’ll never want to end and one you will never forget. Come and experience the mystery and beauty of Cave Tubing in Belize.

This tour departs San Ignacio around nine a.m, driving one hour and thirty minutes toward the east then south.  Arriving to the park the guides will provide you with a tube, then you will hike through the jungle along the river bank.  There are several starting points; the most popular is after a 45 min walk which is located in between two cave entrances.  You have a choice of jumping in or lowering yourself into the water.  The tubing adventure is two caves if you do the 45 min walk, if you do a shorter hike of half an hour then you end doing one cave.  The first cave is just an easy float through the mountain you just sit back and relax as the guide interprets the Mayan culture and believes.  After floating down the first cave we end between to cave entrances again were we can stop for a swim, and get ready for the last caving adventure.  The last cave has some rapids that add to the adventure, and there are also a couple areas where you can get out and explore.  At the end of the last cave we end up floating down the river ending where we started hiking.  Cave tubing is for those who want to have an easy relaxing and fun day.

Time: 9:00AM to 4:00PM (7 hours)

Things to bring: Change of clothes, Swim suite, Mosquito repellant, Comfortable footwear


Private Tour includes: Entrance fee, water, snack, tour guide, beer, sodas, equipment, lunch and transportation


Phone: 011 (501) 600-9192  or  011 (501) 670-0746