Che Chem Ha Cave

Che-Chem-Ha-Cave-Belize-Mayan-Clay-PotsChe Chem Ha Cave, located 16 miles from San Ignacio near Vaca Falls, is a 45-minute uphill trek to witnessing the most amazing collection of Mayan pottery.  This cave is most notable for its unique collection of Mayan artwork and artifacts.

Visitors will appreciate the cave’s entrance, which is decorated with Mayan motifs and the extensive assortment of ancient storage jars, called “ollas,” some with paintings and other distinct markings that line the walls of its chambers. Che Chem Ha Cave was used by the Maya as a storehouse for grain as well as a ceremonial centre for their after-life and bloodletting rituals. One of the chambers contains artifacts used in performing their ritualized ceremonies. If you are just looking for adventure and exploration, this destination is a must.

Discovered by a hunter looking for his dog, Che Chem Ha (“Cave of the Poisonwood Water”) is in the foot-hills of the Maya mountains. Located in the upper Macal River Valley, the cave is one quarter of a mile long and is a dry cave.  The cave was first rediscovered in the 1980’s and was explored and mapped until the 1990’s.  To access this cave we have to drive half an hour form San Ignacio 10 min on the western highway towards the Guatemalan boarder then 20 min south off Benque Viejo town.  This cave has some of the earliest recorded dates of the Mayan ceremonies in caves.  This is one of the caves that archaeologists have recorded some of the largest ceramic vessels, a lot of this ceramic has been set above the floor level and has to be accessed by ladders. To explore this cave ceremonial chambers ropes and ladders are needed. After exploring this dry cave we hike back and can finish the day at a small water fall with a height of 214 ft.

Time: 8:00AM to 1:00PM (5 hours)

Things to bring: Hiking or good traction shoes, Long pants, Mosquito repellant, Medication if necessary, camera
Share Tour includes: Entrance fee, water, snack, tour guide, rum punch, equipment, and transportation


Phone: 011 (501) 600-9192  or  011 (501) 670-0746