San Antonio

belize-mayan-experienceGet a taste of contemporary Mayan cultural at the village of San Antonio.  Were a group of women are willing to share their traditional ways of cooking and their practice of making clay pots using the coiling method.  Learn their ways of sustainability.

San Antonio is a small village located in a very beautiful area, there are mountains surrounding the village.  It was a group of Yucatec Mayas that settle in the mid nineteen hundreds, they were running away from the war of races. One of the reasons for settling in such an area was because the fertile soil and they were farmers.  The village is not close to a river, because the river was an easy access to communities and they were trying to protect their one.  On the arrival, a demonstration on how they prepare the food on the fire heart. Depending what they are preparing for lunch we are able to participate in the preparation, some time is tamales. After the kitchen demonstration, we visit their clay factory.  The making of pot is an important part for the community because several families are involved.  We get to put our hands on the clay, so we can come with our own design.  One of the women is in charge of showing us the traditional way of doing pots the coiling method, a method that was use by the ancient Mayas. The pig manure is also collected by them to create their own gas system. After we finish with our lunch we get to drive to the mountain pine ridge and end the day swimming.  So the day is finished with a refreshing and relaxing afternoon at one of the most attractive water fall over eighty feet high, Big Rock Falls.


Time: 8:00AM to 2:30PM (6 1/2 hours)


Private Tour includes: traditional lunch, water, beer, sodas, tour guide, transporation, entrance fee