Cahal Pech

CahalPech-BelizeCahal Pech site center sits on the crest of a steep hill approximately 900 feet above sea level, providing a command view of the Maya Mountains to the south and the fertile valley of the Belize River the northeast.

Is one of the earliest evidence of Mayan settlement of this region, and is located at San Ignacio.  Cahal Pech was
discovered is unknown, the first published record of the site dates to the late 1930’s however; the first archaeological
investigations o the site began in the 1950s.  “Place of the tick” it is one of the sites that archeologist have found evidence as early as 1200 B.C. controlling an important trading area.  This site is located in between the Mopan River and the Macal River, where the Belize River originate one of the major trading routs. This ceremonial center includes pyramid temples, palaces, and a ball court.  Some major buildings were roofed with the Maya vault, some apparently not. There was a gradual architectural growth, the occupation probably running through the entire Classic Period, and we have ceramic hints of a longer occupation.

Time: 9:00AM/1:00PM to 1:00PM/5:00PM (4 hours)

Things to bring: Comfortable cloth for the tour, Mosquito repellant, Sun block, Cameras, Comfortable shoes to walk the site, Medication if any


Private Tour includes: Entrance fee, water, snack, beer, sodas, tour guide and transportation


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