El Pilar

El-Pilar-SiteHidden beneath the forest canopy explore the full mystery of “el Pillar”. Rich in culture, flora and fauna “El Pilar” is one of the archaeological Mayan sites shared by Belize and Guatemala.
The Maya site of El Pilar is situated on both sides of the Belize and Guatemala border. Located on the outskirts of the village of Bullet Tree a few miles from San Ignacio, “El Pilar” is not a site for the average thrill seeker. El Pilar is mostly Unexcavated, focusing rather on the vegetative areas that would have served the Maya and typical Maya agriculture. El Pilar is the largest Classical Maya site in the Belize River Valley, with a well-defined ceremonial section.  There are at least 15 courtyards or plazas covering an area of 50 acres. The canter has one ball court in the south, a major palace in the north, and a causeway leading to Guatemala. El Pilar is considered by many as one of the finest bird-watching sites in Western Belize.



El Pilar is located 12 miles north of San Ignacio, part of the site is in Belize and the other is in Guatemala.  The centre of the site was recorded by the department of Archaeology in the 1970’s.   A map of the site was made in 1984 but its full scale investigation took place in 1993.  A preliminary  Chronology based on ceramic comparison, revealed that monuments were constructed at El Pilar in the mid Pre-classic around 450 B.C. and continued until the terminal classic 1,000 A.D.  El Pilar has more than twenty five identified plazas in an area approximately 100 acres, there are more than a dozen large temples.  The western section of the site goes across the border to Guatemala; the eastern side of the site is in Belize.  As you explore through the centre it is very noticeable that most of the structures have been left intentionally unexcavated by the archaeologists.  The area has long carried the name of El Pilar and while the origin of this name is uncertain, but the numerous natural sources of water might refer to the old Spanish word for watering basin or “pila”. The large-scale clearing of rainforest and structures has been rejected in favour of environmental trails and the exposure of choice examples of architecturea stair here and a room there. That is what makes this site a bird watchers paradise.


Time: 8:00AM/1:00PM to 1:00PM/5:00PM (5 hours)

Things to bring: Comfortable clothes for tour, Comfortable footwear for walking around the site,
Mosquito repellant, Sun block, Cameras, Binocular, Medication if any


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