Belize River Canoeing

belize-river-canoeingPaddle down part of one the longest river in the country of Belize and learn about the history. This is the river that have been used from way back in the time of the Mayas, and then by the loggers

Belize River once used as a major trade, shuttling goods between the Mayan ancient cites. The British logger transported the mahogany trunks to the Caribbean Sea.  The old Belize River has accommodated to a multitude of travelers and boat throughout past history.  Belize River is a 180-mile (290 km) the longest river in Belize that drains more than a one-quarter of the country.  Also known as the Old River, the river is navigable up to the Guatemalan border and served as the main route of commerce and communication between the interior and the coast until the twentieth century.  Canoe down the Belize River and experience something that only traveler and traders did in the past, identifying exotic birds and wildlife. Discover the divers of birds and wildlife that our country offers, as you paddle down the river.

Time: 8:00AM to 4:00PM (8 hours)

Things to bring: Long shirts, Hat or cap, Mosquito repellant, Sun block, Swim suite, Medication if any, Cameras, Binoculars


Share Tour includes: water, snack, tour guide, lunch, beer, sodas, equipment & transportation


Phone: 011 (501) 600-9192  or  011 (501) 670-0746