Macal River Canoeing

macal-river-canoeingPaddle and float down stream for approximately five hours, and enjoy the scenery and wildlife.  Take this journey that ends at San Ignacio pass the historic Howkesworth Bridge.

Half an hour drive south of San Ignacio is the drop of point; the guide will embark you in canoe for paddling the coming hours.  Along the journey there will be some challenges which are the rapids your guide will be showing the safer parts to go down.  But as you paddle down you have the opportunity to indentify some of the bird species and with some luck you can see wildlife. There will also be the opportunity to stop at one of the private property and visit a butterfly farm, natural history center, or a medicinal trail.  The Natural History Center, which details the flora, fauna and geology of the Cayo region.  The butterfly farm specializes in one of the species which is one of the most beautiful one the blue morpho.  But if that is not on your interest there is a set medicinal where you can learn about our plant and its traditional use.  After the activity we will be having lunch on the river bank enjoy the scene and our food.  Then our journey will continue paddling down the river with excitement of the rapid and the relaxation of the flat waters as we make our way to our destination.  Swimming opportunities are also possible along the way, the guide will be giving you the option as you gild down the river.  As you approach closer to San Ignacio the Howkesworth Bridge will be seen in a distance, and a satisfying feeling that you have accomplished some.

Time: 8:00AM/1:00PM to 1:00PM/5:00PM (5 hours)


Private Tour includes: water, snack, beer, sodas, tour guide, equipment and transportation